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Are you looking for a partner in the production of diagnostic, therapeutic or life science products?

Let us combine our mutual skills, expertise and resources. We support you in all phases from production to marketing. In addition to manufacturing your product in our state-of-the-art production facilities and filling it in clean room conditions in accordance with EU GMP criteria, we can offer you standard test methods as well as other more complex tests. Furthermore, we not only offer you production, marketing etc, but also help you with, for example:

  Cell line procurement and appropriate product storage

  Optimization of existing media, supplements or work processes

  Contract manufacturing according to your wishes

  As an additional service, we offer you a pick-up / delivery service for media or cells in compliance with appropriate product storage

Furthermore, we are happy to take over storage for you and send the product (s) for constant costs to the address you specified or, if desired, directly to your customers without any problems.

Safety first when outsourcing


PAN-Biotech offers you a variety of services and test procedures for your products. We carry out these services for you quickly, inexpensively, using the latest methods and with the highest quality. Benefit from our expertise! If you also need special tests or special services, let's talk about it. We can find a solution for most of your questions.


Biochemical tests

PAN-Biotech offers a whole range of biochemical tests.

Functional tests

PAN-Biotech offers a whole range of functional tests.

Germ tests

PAN-Biotech offers a whole range of germ tests.

Cell processing

PAN-Biotech offers a whole range of cell processing methods, such as the establishment and expansion of special cell cultures, or the development of specific cell media for special applications. The procurement and processing of special cells is also possible.

Cell line procurement

We offer expertise in a wide variety of cell types - from easily transfectable cell lines (e.g. HEK 293, 293FT, HCT116 or HeLa) to difficult-to-transfect cell lines (e.g. fibroblasts, neuroblastoma-derived cells, hepatocellular carcinoma, from bone marrow) derived cells and cells derived from endothelium)

Media development

Our laboratory team uses our special technology to develop a cell culture medium that meets precisely your needs. Of course, we can also optimize existing media and adapt them to your applications.



Media tests

Do you have repeated problems with media? We can help. We test media from every provider and we offer you the special pick-up service while maintaining the cold chain.




FBS processing

The special preparation of serum batches includes sterile filtration, IgG extraction, activated carbon filtration, delipidization, high-grade dialysis, etc..

Antibody production

Currently we produce the biomass of antibodies until the first purification. In cooperation with our partners, we can also offer further steps.





Your safety

The eight basic rules for a secure survival in outsourcing

Quality policy

Our quality management


Media testing 

We pick up your media in compliance with the cooling chain and test it.